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So today I found out these are what Americans called ‘Smarties’ 


But these are Smarties 


Those American ‘Smarties’ are Fizzers 


Wake up America 

What the fuck are fizzers 

You’re both wrong those things are Rockets


Open your eyes America and the UK

I thought Smarties were made in Canada. I’m so confused.


The candy companies are fucking with us. 

(via toofaroutallofmylife)

Something important my therapist told me (via l-amour-cest-tout)

For the next time you want to hurt yourself…make sure that you always have some ice cubes at home. And when you can’t feel your body again, when you’re losing control again and you need something to distract you from your thoughts and that urge to hurt yourself, rub an ice cube over your skin. It will be painfully cold but it won’t hurt you in any other way.

Leaving for basic training tomorrow! Excited and nervous at the same time. I think this is just what I need right now, to distance myself from people for awhile. To not have a cell phone all the time and communicate through letters. The best thing someone could do for them self this summer would be to put their phone down, even leave it inside and go enjoy life outside of a screen for awhile.

It’s not my fault you’ll never be happy.
Just cause you’re right doesn’t mean I’m wrong,
Our days were numbered and we knew it all along.
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